Falling Ice and Propane Tanks

The calls screamed in this week. “Bob, I need your help. Ice has fallen off my roof and taken out the in-wall air conditioning unit.” “Bob, ice fell off the roof and crushed the condensing unit for our central air.” “Bob, ice took down the gutter and crushed the railing on our deck.” But the […]

The Battle of the 500lb. Icicles

Last week I met with a BSR customer after the wake of one of our snowstorms. Last winter he had complained to me that he was having 500 lb. icicles falling off his roof onto his deck; which is about ten feet off the ground. He was very concerned. He told me that he liked […]

Icicles Are Never a Good Sign

Do you remember as a child, heading outdoors on a Saturday morning after a snowstorm? The first thing we would grab was an icicle as we were walking off the back porch. I was lucky at our house; we had a gray asphalt roof; that gave us a light asphalt licorice flavor (just kidding). Now […]

Adding Value to Your Home is a Win-Win

Sometimes adding value to your home is costly and a bit of a hassle. But other times, it can be very cost-effective and incredibly rewarding. This week I experienced an exciting and diverse carpentry project. The scope of work included replacing an exterior door that had a rotted frame, installing vinyl shutters on a section […]

Laundry Dryers: 3 Vents that Made no Sense

A common summer home repair involves laundry. Specifically, dryers and the vents that allow them to work properly. Some dryer vent projects that I’ve been called to repair are mind-blowing, no pun intended. Here are 3 examples: 1.) The first vent project I recall was both intriguing and dangerous. The hole where the vent pipe […]

Giant Icicles: Removal and Home Repair

Picture this: a giant icicle hanging off a roof. How big is it in your mind, maybe 5 or 6 feet long? Now imagine an icicle 35 feet long and 4 feet in diameter. That’s the size of the icicle that I was hired to remove a couple years ago. After a grueling few hours, […]

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