Do you remember as a child, heading outdoors on a Saturday morning after a snowstorm? The first thing we would grab was an icicle as we were walking off the back porch. I was lucky at our house; we had a gray asphalt roof; that gave us a light asphalt licorice flavor (just kidding). Now that we are adult homeowners, we know that it takes lots of energy loss escaping through the roof of your home to melt the snow to make these icicles.

I recently just finished a job where the customer had 200 pound icicles falling off his roof onto his deck and we, here, at BSR Services were able to come up with a solution to solve his problem for good!

Are you a homeowner who would like to eliminate those icicles and save on your heating AND COOLING costs by using a time tested roof design offered through BSR? We are one call away. 603-493-6562.

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