The calls screamed in this week.
“Bob, I need your help. Ice has fallen off my roof and taken out the in-wall air conditioning unit.”
“Bob, ice fell off the roof and crushed the condensing unit for our central air.”
“Bob, ice took down the gutter and crushed the railing on our deck.”
But the most popular call was; “ice fell off the roof and broke the line from the propane tank and emptied the tank.” Think about it. Ice falls off roofs edges, propane tanks are placed under roof edges, and the ice then falls on the propane lines therefore causing the tanks to empty. There must be a safer and more honest way to increase propane sales than this! BSR Services has a simple and economical solution to stop ice from sliding off roofs and damaging your propane lines. Give BSR Services a call and we will solve your problem for you!

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