Sometimes adding value to your home is costly and a bit of a hassle. But other times, it can be very cost-effective and incredibly rewarding.

This week I experienced an exciting and diverse carpentry project. The scope of work included replacing an exterior door that had a rotted frame, installing vinyl shutters on a section of windows, and replacing a run-down cupola with a supplied cupola by my colleagues at Weathervanes of Maine.

Although the door and rotten frame both needed to be replaced, I believe the best return on the client’s investment was the vinyl shutter installation. Based on my estimation, the homeowner added a $3,000-$5,000 value to their house, and the entire project cost them less than $1,000.

When I began the project, the homeowner asked me for an estimate on the installation of 11 pairs of vinyl shutters. I brought her a couple dozen color and material samples, and she chose a raised panel design in classic blue that matched her new door perfectly. The deep blue really complemented the yellow exterior of her home.

Not only did the shutters add real value to her home, but the 4’x 4’ PVC cupola with louvered sides and a full copper roof really made the place look like a million bucks.

I left the job site with a great sense of satisfaction in my craftsmanship, and another happy customer expressed that she would have more projects for me in the near future.

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