About us

Bob Boucher, Master Carpenter and Handyman, has been helping home owners like you with repairs and construction since 1974. With the extensive staff and list of high-quality sub-contractors at his service, BSR Services handles all types of projects from small repairs to large new construction.

Do you need help with any of these types of repairs?

New Construction

When building a new home, many small details can be forgotten. Call in BSR during the process and everything will be done on time and ready for move in day. No matter what you need help with, BSR Services has a trained staff as well an extensive list of high quality referral partners to help get ANY job done.

You name it, BSR Services can help.

Call for an estimate in the Greater Concord, NH area. Our service staff can assist you by phone or email, 603-493-6562 [email protected], or you can email Bob directly at [email protected].

Call BSR Services today at 603-493-6562 and turn that Honey-Do List into a Honey-Done List! FacebookTwitterGoogle+

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