How to be a Proactive Homeowner

How to be a Proactive Homeowner Being a proactive homeowner carries with it a lot of responsibilities. You have to be aware of changes as they happen in your home, and you have to have a certain amount of skill to handle minor construction projects. My friend John is a great example of a proactive […]

Snow and Ice Lead to Leaky Roofs

I got an e-mail from a customer of mine, Sunday at 8:19 in the morning. “Hi Bob! Happy New Year! Last night we discovered what appears to be a roof leak coming through the ceiling you repaired. Obviously this has been an ongoing issue as the water damage was prior to us purchasing the home. […]

Falling Ice and Propane Tanks

The calls screamed in this week. “Bob, I need your help. Ice has fallen off my roof and taken out the in-wall air conditioning unit.” “Bob, ice fell off the roof and crushed the condensing unit for our central air.” “Bob, ice took down the gutter and crushed the railing on our deck.” But the […]

The Battle of the 500lb. Icicles

Last week I met with a BSR customer after the wake of one of our snowstorms. Last winter he had complained to me that he was having 500 lb. icicles falling off his roof onto his deck; which is about ten feet off the ground. He was very concerned. He told me that he liked […]

Icicles Are Never a Good Sign

Do you remember as a child, heading outdoors on a Saturday morning after a snowstorm? The first thing we would grab was an icicle as we were walking off the back porch. I was lucky at our house; we had a gray asphalt roof; that gave us a light asphalt licorice flavor (just kidding). Now […]

Spring Repairs: Aluminum Rake Board Covers

In the early spring I encountered this common “Honey-Do List” item: repairing the aluminum covers on the rake boards that blew off during a winter storm. A lot of times, projects like this get put off until the end of winter, and my springtime is filled with interesting repair projects. A staff member, Damian, received […]

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