I got an e-mail from a customer of mine, Sunday at 8:19 in the morning.

“Hi Bob! Happy New Year! Last night we discovered what appears to be a roof leak coming through the ceiling you repaired. Obviously this has been an ongoing issue as the water damage was prior to us purchasing the home. This is an active leak and we need to look at it quickly. We have a bucket catching the continuous drip. We don’t want to leave it unattended for very long. Can you take a look at it this Monday?”

I went over that afternoon when the sun was on that part of the roof. I removed the snow and about 200 pounds of ice which served as the source for the continuous leaking. Although this does not resolve the entire problem it should solve the problem till spring when a permanent solution can be put in place. Just goes to show that permanency isn’t always the solution, sometimes a temporary fix works just as well when implemented in a timely manner.

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