Out With the Old, In With the New!

This week I wish to share a little story with you. While I was picking up my tools after finishing a job this week, my customer asked me if I had minute to answer some questions. He brought me over to one of his old double hung windows and asked me what the plastic sheet […]

The Case on Casement Windows

This week I want to talk about casement windows, other wise known in New England as “crank outs”. The advantage of this style of window is that they look good and are designed to allow the greatest amount of air flow in the summer months. The disadvantage is that they can be difficult to operate […]

To Recycle Your Old Windows or Install New?

We had a customer at BSR Service’s ask us this week to repair the putty in her six pane windows. We took a look at the windows and told her that if she wanted the windows repaired we would have to heat up the old putty to soften it, then remove it and install new […]

Adding Value to Your Home is a Win-Win

Sometimes adding value to your home is costly and a bit of a hassle. But other times, it can be very cost-effective and incredibly rewarding. This week I experienced an exciting and diverse carpentry project. The scope of work included replacing an exterior door that had a rotted frame, installing vinyl shutters on a section […]

Casement windows: The ups and the downs

The topic of the day is casement windows. You may be familiar with them. They usually go by a different name here in New England: crank-outs. Here are the ups of casement windows: 1.) They are visually attractive. No other windows combine rustic beauty with modern functionality like casement windows. 2.) Casement windows offer maximum […]

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