We had a customer at BSR Service’s ask us this week to repair the putty in her six pane windows. We took a look at the windows and told her that if she wanted the windows repaired we would have to heat up the old putty to soften it, then remove it and install new glazing compound. After that, the sashes would have to be primed and painted two coats (a lot of work, money, and time for old windows). As a second option we informed her that for the same price we can replace the windows with ones that would require no maintenance, other than an occasional glass cleaning, which could be accomplished easily from the inside. In addition to that, she would benefit from the energy savings in her heating & cooling bills. Recycling old windows may seem like an efficient and effective solution to your window problems but sometimes its more efficient and effective to go with the newer option. For an estimate give us a call!

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