How do I Know if I Need a New Front Door?

How do I know if I need a new front door? Here are the top 3 reasons: Reason number 1- Mice might be walking right through the door without opening it. When the weatherproofing strips fail on older doors due to rot, mice can chew through the corners, passing through the door or making a […]

The Solution to Seasonal Wooden Screen Doors

This past summer and fall, we did a lot of work on roofs for screen porches. The porches were most often an after thought where they were built on top of an existing deck. 90% of these porches were built as a wood frame and installed a wooden screened door. It has been BSR’s experience […]

Storm doors and impossible projects? No problem.

I had plans to meet with two of my colleagues last week, but was delayed due to a very difficult storm door installation project. I texted the guys I was supposed to meet with and explained I had just installed the “storm door from hell.” I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the […]

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