Family Expansion Leads to Home Expansion

I remember when my family started to grow. As soon as we confirmed that my wife was expecting, we started to remodel a bedroom for the arrival of our new member of the family. When we were expecting our second child, we remodeled a second bedroom. When the children reach school age, another remodel takes […]

Small Remodeling Projects My Favorite

Some of my favorite jobs are small remodeling projects. BSR Services, along with my colleagues at Harris Cabinets, have had a really enjoyable time collaborating on a small home remodeling project in Hopkinton, NH. The outcome of the project will be turning an existing formal dining room into a fourth bedroom. I’ll begin by erecting […]

Remodeling for the Growing Family

I really enjoy home expansion projects for growing families. It’s always nice to take down a wall to make space for Junior’s crib and toys. I remember when my family started to grow, many years ago. As soon as my wife and I realized she was expecting, I began to remodel a bedroom for the […]

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