Laundry Dryers: 3 Vents that Made no Sense

A common summer home repair involves laundry. Specifically, dryers and the vents that allow them to work properly. Some dryer vent projects that I’ve been called to repair are mind-blowing, no pun intended. Here are 3 examples: 1.) The first vent project I recall was both intriguing and dangerous. The hole where the vent pipe […]

Giant Icicles: Removal and Home Repair

Picture this: a giant icicle hanging off a roof. How big is it in your mind, maybe 5 or 6 feet long? Now imagine an icicle 35 feet long and 4 feet in diameter. That’s the size of the icicle that I was hired to remove a couple years ago. After a grueling few hours, […]

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