Often times as our loved ones get old so do their homes, and in order to keep them safe we must also keep their homes safe. Often times this means repairs on the kitchen or bathroom, but does not warrant a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, but rather just a tune-up. When checking to see if your parents home needs some repairs look for some of the following symptoms: the laminate is chipped, stained or some of the edging is missing. A drawer that does not open or close properly or a knob or even a drawer front is missing. Maybe a drawer that was so bad that it was removed and is now in the kitchen closet. The kitchen cabinet doors might have the notorious musical door syndrome. You know, you put the music on loud, & a door opens, you close it and the next one opens, close that one and even a third will open. When you finally get all the doors closed, you shout a confident YES. Then all three open together.

If any of these symptoms exist give BSR Services a call and we will be glad to tune up the safety in your parents place.

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