This past week I helped a couple of my customers with their honey-do lists. One of the top items, hang the wall mounted flat screen TV. As simple as this sounds i’m sure many of you can relate to purchasing a flat screen TV with the hopes of hanging it on the wall or above the fireplace someday but for the mean time just simply placing it on its stand, positioning it on your bureau or entertainment center, and leaving it there for the next couple of…years (until its outdated, and you go through the cycle again). Fortunately, the Alliance for Business Growth has the team to get this chore done! Chris of Ward Electric gets in there first to run wires for power and cable wires to the location. Then BSR Service’s goes in and installs blocking necessary to hold the flat screen, patches the holes which were created to access the wall and install the mounting bracket. Finally, Bob Desrosiers finishes the job by applying the paint to make things look like nothing ever took place.

Sounds like a winning team, doesn’t it? It is! Give us a call today, we can get your TV mounted in no time!

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