After a rough winter, mailboxes tend to receive the short straw. They’re repeatedly buried in snowbanks formed by plow trucks, and they generally endure more than their fair share of exposure. The problem is, mailbox repair is at the bottom of most home owner repair lists and doesn’t get addressed—sometimes all year round. From my observations, there are 4 stages of mailbox repair:

1.) Minimal damage. In the true New England spirit, the mailbox stood strong through the brutal winter.

2.) Body damage. The post is standing strong, but the body is dented or missing parts, such as the flag or door.

3.) Post and body damage. The mailbox is on its last legs, usually held up with homemade supports of duct tape and PVC pipe.

4.) Missing in action. The mailbox has been destroyed over the winter and the home owner has opened a PO Box as a temporary solution.

When it comes to improvised mailbox repair, I’ve seen it all. My favorite example was a steel lunchbox duct taped to a 2×4, stuck into the ground, with numbers painted in red nail polish on the side. It’s worth a laugh, but you don’t want to be this person. Instead, snap a picture of your damaged mailbox and email it to [email protected]. We will assess the damage and get back to you with a quote.

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