Need a fridge installer? We provide custom construction to fit your fridge anywhere.

We’ve installed a lot of fridges this time of year. It always seems that “bigger is better” in the world of refrigerators. Maybe it’s because hunting season is just around the corner and hearty New Hampshirites are preparing for pounds of venison and turkey to fill their freezers!

Whatever the case, the crew at BSR has gotten several calls lately from clients requesting to have their kitchen layout and cabinets modified to fit a new fridge. Both calls involved creating a taller, custom opening for their fridges to be installed into.

The first project was completed by installing a short upper wall cabinet to mount above the fridge. Because the second kitchen had a cabinet with a soffit (a decorative arched underside with curved edges), my recommendation was to eliminate that cabinet all together, leaving room above the fridge and allowing for it to be recessed into the wall.

Both clients were extremely happy with their new appliances, the cabinet layout, and the innovative look of the custom fridge installation.

At BSR Services, we can fit fridges of all sizes into custom-built areas to make your kitchen unique and beautiful.

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