Drywall repair can be a tricky DIY project when the repair area has custom designs to be matched.

One of my clients recently bought a beautiful home in Londonderry. After living there a short while, they noticed a small water stain had formed on their dining room ceiling.

Their dining room has a gorgeous, custom-textured plaster ceiling. It is covered with rosettes, swirls and sunbursts around the lights. So naturally, the brown water stain was a huge disappointment.

They called a local plumber to find out if there was a leak somewhere. The plumber proceeded to cut a hole in the ceiling, and then several more holes in other walls before he finally found the leak. The leak was caused by a towel rack in the second floor bathroom that was fastened through the wall, into a drain pipe behind the toilet! It’s no surprise that it began to leak.

The plumber’s procedure isn’t terribly uncommon, but it leaves the house looking like a genuine mess. My client had several holes that needed to be repaired, including the one in their beautiful ceiling.

Fortunately for the client, the plumber knew about our quality craftsmanship at BSR and referred them to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the drywall repair process, and the ceiling was soon repaired better than new.

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