Any idea what toothbrushes, turkey basters and canned goods have in common? That’s right, they’re all stored in cabinets. Whether it’s a vanity, a medicine cabinet or a pantry, cabinets play an important role in all kinds of household storage.

Next time you’re making dinner or searching for a late night snack, take a minute to examine your cabinets. Do the doors close properly? How are the hinges and handles? Are drawers opening smoothly? Do they smell musky or appear to be moist or rotted? If any of these raise a flag, you might be in need of some quality finish carpentry.

Take a look at the many storage spaces around your house and repeat the checklist. Aside from being inconvenient, doors and drawers that don’t close can lead to safety hazards for small children–not to mention to your knee each time you walk into them!

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