The Magic of Making Water Stains Disappear!

This week I performed one of my favorite jobs; drywall repair! The customer I worked for just bought a beautiful home in Londonderry and they noticed a small water stain in their gorgeous dining room custom textured plaster ceiling. The ceiling has rosettes, swirls & sunbursts around the lights. The home owner, in an effort […]

Cleaning Up Water Stains

How about those pesky water stains on your kitchen or dining room ceiling. Driving you crazy yet? Most home owners have personally experienced the trauma of looking up and seeing a dingy brown circle that has magically appeared. I know my friend has. In his case he’s had water damage in his kitchen ceiling since […]

Drywall Repair: Matching Any Custom Design

Drywall repair can be a tricky DIY project when the repair area has custom designs to be matched. One of my clients recently bought a beautiful home in Londonderry. After living there a short while, they noticed a small water stain had formed on their dining room ceiling. Their dining room has a gorgeous, custom-textured […]

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