This week BSR had an ideal referral. The scope of work included replacing an exterior door with a rotted frame, installing vinyl shutters and replacing an existing cupola with a supplied cupola from Weathervanes of Maine. Although the door needed to be replaced, I would have to say that the best return on investment was the shutter installation. In my estimation, for a price of under $1,000.00, the homeowner added $3-5,000.00 in value to the house!

When the customer told me that she wanted an estimate to install 11 pairs of shutters, I brought her a couple dozen of small samples. She chose a raised panel design in classic blue which matched her front door perfectly. The house is yellow, so the color went very well with the siding. Although the shutters added value to the house, the 4 foot by 4 foot white PVC cupola with louvered sides and a full copper roof, did make the place look like a million bucks. Another happy customer that will have more work for BSR in the near future!

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