Our custom coat closet designs meet the need and bring something new to your home.

There are two times a year that people really get the itch to do or buy something new…springtime and the beginning of winter. Whether it’s the pre-season Christmas shopping or the spring fever, we all crave something new every now and then.

When couples first buy a house, the purchase usually involves a compromise. There is usually something about the home or property that they plan on changing or building after the purchase. Closet space is just such a thing. Specifically, coat closet designs that mesh with the entry room. There’s nothing that looks cleaner than having a good-sized coat closet designed to hold all those jackets, hats, boots and scarves when winter rolls around.

As a matter of fact, we took on a project yesterday for a couple of homeowners who wanted a convenient, full-sized coat closet in their entryway. They had been waiting three years for the right people to come along and redesign their entry area closets to accommodate the needs of their very large family.

Don’t wait that long! Call us at 603-493-6562 for a free quote on any sized project.

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