How to Quiet Those Squeaking Floors

Have you ever gotten up early in the morning, trying to be quiet in order to let others sleep in, only to step on that squeaky section of the floor? Then try to make your way downstairs only to find that every other step is a squeaker. Last week I received a phone call from […]

Wood Floor Refinishing

Do you have a home built before 1958? Have you simply covered that old wood floor in your home with carpet because you don’t want to bother with it? I’m happy to announce that BSR Services is now offering professional wood floor refinishing. We now have on our staff a wood floor refinishing specialist. Whether […]

A Sturdy Throne is a Safe Throne!

Have you ever sat down on the throne and felt like it moved, wobbled or sank down? The toilet should never be able to move; it should be rigid. If it does move, it is not a problem with the appliance, but rather with the sub floor it sits on. Most likely it has become […]

The True Value of Pressure Treated Lumber

I got a phone call from one of BSR Service’s regular customers this week. She said she was having her outdoor decks sanded and stained and asked if we could stop by and take a look at a couple of soft boards in the room between the house and the garage. Well, eight hours after […]

Trampoline Shed Floor

This past week BSR Service’s performed some repair work on two sheds. The complaint on the first shed was that it is out of level and the floor was very soft. After taking a close look at the shed, we concluded that it was designed to house rakes, shovels, a wheelbarrow and maybe a push […]

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