The Magic of Making Water Stains Disappear!

This week I performed one of my favorite jobs; drywall repair! The customer I worked for just bought a beautiful home in Londonderry and they noticed a small water stain in their gorgeous dining room custom textured plaster ceiling. The ceiling has rosettes, swirls & sunbursts around the lights. The home owner, in an effort […]

The Cedar Mill Group Experience

This week I want to talk about my wonderful experience with Geoff Martin & Cedar Mill Group. I was given the opportunity to bid on a drywall job for a project that CMG was working on. They accepted my estimate & after submitting several legal documents, I was allowed to start the job. When I […]

Lead Paint and Babies Don’t Mix

Recently I had a customer ask me to give him a price for remodeling a room for his 4 month old son. I looked at the room of his house that was built around 1915 A.D. It was being held together by wall paper and lead paint. With a young child in the house I […]

Drywall Repair: Matching Any Custom Design

Drywall repair can be a tricky DIY project when the repair area has custom designs to be matched. One of my clients recently bought a beautiful home in Londonderry. After living there a short while, they noticed a small water stain had formed on their dining room ceiling. Their dining room has a gorgeous, custom-textured […]

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